Gabriela F. Ciocarlie, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio and Vice President for Securing Automation and Secure Manufacturing Architecture for CyManII. Her expertise is in anomaly detection, distributed alert correlation, network and application level security, cyber physical systems security and distributed system security. Before UTSA, Gabriela was the Chief Product Officer at Elpha Secure and a senior technical manager of SRI’s New York City research hub focused on cyberanalytics, which she established in 2016. Gabriela was a principal investigator for the DARPA’s Transparent Computing program, ARL's Internet of Battlefield Things program, and on multiple commercial and Department of Homeland Security projects focusing on performance degradation detection and causal analysis for mobile broadband networks, anomaly detection for industrial control systems, cyber insurance and accountable clouds. Prior to joining SRI, Gabriela was a senior security research engineer at Real-Time Innovations where she worked on new security models for large-scale distributed systems with real-time and quality-of-service requirements. Gabriela holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in computer science from Columbia University, and a B.Eng. in computer engineering from Polytechnic University of Bucharest.



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